Jacob Marley Mulled Wine Sourdough Bread

We were met with an opportunity to experiment, and create a loaf with the addition of an unusual ingredient: mulled wine! We combined Jacob Marley Mulled Wine with our sourdough starter, flour and spices, which resulted in wonderful sourdough bread which has been appreciated by Helen Creese. Helen wrote in her blog: "You haven't tried […]

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Aleksandra Moore Evendine baker

Aleksandra Moore

She revels in the alchemy of turning flour, water and sea salt into round and golden loaves.

She’s able to do so through nurturing wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria naturally present in flour, to create a rich ‘mother starter’, from which all our loaves are made.

The process of creating our bread is traditional, we utilise no faux yeast or preservatives - just nature and time.

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