We craft genuine sourdough bread.
We are local, traditional and sustainable.


We are a family run microbakery based in Malvern, celebrating good food & health through our natural Sourdough bread.
We ferment our dough for 36h with a combination of organic flours from local millers, water sourced from the Evendine Spring on the Malvern Hills and Droitwich Salt.

We’re looking after our planet.
All our ingredients are sourced locally, ensuring our bread is made consuming minimal energy at all stages.

We derive our flour from Gloucestershire’s Shipton Mill, a mill that gets wheat from local farmer and grinds it down to flour using large, river propelled stone slabs.
They use traditional grains that have not been over hybridised or enhanced, and so the quality of the grain and its suitability for more traditional uses is ideal.
The flour we baked our bread is organic white and wholemeal flours, is produced from a rare variety of wheat called Maris Widgeon. Traditionally used for thatching because of the long stems on which the heritage wheat varieties bear their grain, it is well suited to the organic system of sustainable farming.
For every acre, Maris Widgeon yields almost half the amount of modern varieties, but its quality and flavour are so excellent we believe it is worth paying a premium to the farmers who continue to grow it. 
Our choice of organic rye flour for our Rugbrød Danish rye bread is local Matthews Cotswold Flour. The Matthews family have spent over 100 years developing, improving and innovating to consistently produce the very best flour and baking products. Matthews Cotswold Flour have been pioneers of the Organic movement in the 1990s and to have brought premium authentic French flour to the UK in the 2000s. Our choice is focused on their Organic Stoneground Dark Rye flour, produced from ancient grain of rye grown locally in the Cotswold, milled using traditional stoneground methods.
Droitwich  Salt

Salt is an essential ingredient in bread. It contributes to the taste and it controls fermentation, a key part of the bread making process.

Our bread includes salt sourced from Droitwich Salt, which is one of the oldest and purest salt springs in the world. These brine springs have existed beneath Droitwich Spa for millions of years.

The salt is harvested using traditional hand techniques at  Churchfields Saltworks, where the intricate process of crystallising natural brine to form salt is carried out using renewable energy.


To avoid food waste, we bake to order.

You can place your order online in our shop.

Our bake days are from Monday to Saturday.

On these days it will be available to pick up from the bakery, or we offer free delivery within the Malvern (WR14) and Worcester (WR1 ) area. More details about free delivery option here

Please contact us if you have any question regarding orders or delivery.

Photos by Zuzia Suchorska


  • Thank you so much for the Sourdough. It is absolutely delicious....just the right Sourdough consistency and everything, and so beautifully presented.
  • Wow! What can I say... one of the best deliveries we have had for a long time!! Beautiful fresh sourdough - the best I have ever tasted! I really believe Evendine bakers love what they do, all the little details made this a perfect delivery
  • The best sourdough bread I've ever had!! Baeutifully packaged and still warm when it arrived. Thank you so much will 100000% be ordering again :).
  • Just tried some sourdough for breakfast. Was a massive yes from the kids and us! Thank You!
  • The best sourdough bread I have tasted in a long time. Was still warm when I pick it up at lunch time!

Genuine sourdough bread.
Local, traditional and sustainable.

If you’d like to automatically receive beautiful bread, delivered to your door without you having to lift a finger, then you’ve come to the right place! We are proud to offer a limited number of weekly subscriptions for our bread. 

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